Retired Airman, Ralph P. McLain

ralph mclainThis is retired U.S. Air Force and Civil Serviceman, Ralph P. McLain.  Ralph is from Augusta, Georgia.  He served in WW II with Perry County fighter pilot, Ray Littge.  He was in the 352nd, 486th Squadron.  Ralph completed his pilot’s training, but they were in desperate need of radio operators, and he also had his radio license.  Most of his missions were working with the Royal Air Force of Britain.  He was the first man to go to the British Radar School in Florida.  He tested out on the English, “Mosquito” aircraft.

Ralph has been interested in flight since he was 4 years old.  He was with his grandfather in a field, and a pilot who knew his grandfather buzzed them twice.  Ralph said to his grandfather, “I will fly in those planes someday.”

It was a joy and honor to meet Ralph and his family today.  He had a wonderful visit at the museum and took some German recipes home with him.

2 thoughts on “Retired Airman, Ralph P. McLain

  1. The British “Mosquito” was quite a plane! It was a light bomber powered by twin engines and, except for the motors, landing gear, was made of plywood manufactured here at Marshfield, Wisconsin, by the Roddis Lumber & Veneer Co. It was faster than any of the best German fighter planes sent up to intercept it.


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