Another Set of Muellers

Right after the Civil War, in 1865, Friedrich George Wilhelm (Fritz) Mueller and his wife, Johanne, brought their family of nine children to America.  Here is the passenger list of the ship, Adler. 

Passenger list – Adler – 1865

Here are pictures of Fritz and Johanne.

This family settled in Kendallville, Indiana, which is located just a little north of Ft. Wayne.  However, just one year after his arrival, Fritz died, leaving Johanne as a widow with nine children.  Thankfully, many of them were of an age to already take care of themselves.

One of the sons from this family would be celebrating his 144th anniversary today had he been alive.  I do not have information on how this happened, but this young man by the name of Erich Eduard Adolph Mueller managed to find his wife in the midst of many other Muellers in Perry County, Missouri.  His bride was Maria Carolina (Lina) Bergt of Frohna.   The wedding took place on August 7, 1873 with Rev. Koestering performing the ceremony.  It was at a time when Rev. Koestering was serving both the Altenburg and Frohna churches, but this wedding almost certainly took place in Frohna because that is where the Bergts were members.

Lina was the daughter of two of the original immigrants who were part of the Gesellschaft.  Her parents were Christian Adolph and Louise (Voelker) Bergt.  Around here, they are famous for living in the cabin which is the centerpiece of the Saxon Lutheran Memorial in Frohna.

Bergt Cabin – Frohna

Here are pictures of Lina’s parents.

Christian Adolph and Louise Bergt

Here are pictures of Erich and Lina Mueller.

It appears that Erich and Lina resided in St. Louis right away.  The first of their nine children was born in St. Louis, as were all the rest.  I found some records indicating that the Muellers were members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  The 1880 census indicates they were living on Benton St., which is not far from Bethlehem.

Erich Mueller 1880 census St. Louis
1880 census – St. Louis, MO

This census shows Erich as a 31 year old engineer.  Later, the family is said to have lived at 1408 Ferry St., which is also close by.  Here is a photo of the house located at the Ferry St. address.

1408 Ferry St. St. Louis

Here is a photo of the Mueller family which includes all of their children that was taken sometime around 1894.

Erich Mueller family c.1894
Erich Mueller family

Back row, left to right:  Gustav, Martha, Adolph, Theodora.

Front row, left to right:  Gerhard, Erich, Paula, Lucy, Magdalena, Lina, Augusta.

The occupations of the Mueller children include those of Lutheran pastor, wife of a Lutheran pastor, Lutheran teacher, chiropractor, and truck farmer, among others.

In 1908, another family photo was taken which includes some spouses and grandchildren.

Erich Mueller family 1908

This photo appears to me to be taken in a  more rural setting.  I think it is possible that it may have been taken at the oldest son, Adolph’s truck farm in Clayton, Missouri.  Adolph is the second man from the left in the back row in this photo.

Now I must lead you back to Perry County.  Adolph Mueller had a daughter by the name of Esther.  Esther married Oscar Kieffer of St. Louis.  Here are photos of these two.

Oscar’s brother, Martin Kieffer, had a daughter named Eleonora. Eleonora managed to attract the attention of a former World War II soldier by the name of Richard Schmidt (whose mother was a Mueller, by the way). Here are photos of these two.

After these two were married, they had their second child, who was a little rascal by the name of Warren Schmidt, and that would be me.

Erich and Lina Mueller are both buried in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Olivette, Missouri.  Here are their gravestones.

So today’s story took us from Perry County to St. Louis, and back to Perry County again.  Other than my mom marrying a Perry County native, the only other connection to Perry County in my mother’s family is this connection back to Lina (Bergt) Mueller, and that only happens through marriage.  There is another Perry County name in my mother’s family, Brueckner, but I have yet to find a connection between her Brueckners and the Perry County Brueckners.





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