They Bring Their Best

Those who know me, often hear my stories of “the widow’s mite.”  The LCMS tradition in the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League of collecting mites (coins) in special little boxes is the theme of one of our Christmas trees in the exhibit this year.  What LWML does with those mites is a mammoth tradition of benevolence. I believe that our site is magnificent because of the “mite” tradition.   People who volunteer their time, treasure, and talent make this site possible.

Today I am at the History Center in Jackson finishing up the Christmas Exhibit here.  I am also Director there.  One of our patrons, Leonard Dreyer came by to drop off a donation for me to take to Altenburg.  Leonard is the perfect example of someone who brings the best he has to share with others.  This past summer he brought us a great historic Perry County atlas, and today he brought us a bear!  It was his Christmas gift sometime after his birth in Shawneetown in 1938.  After 5 years of age he moved to Frohna.

Thank you, Leonard.  This is an incredible addition to our historic toy exhibit.  Come and see us!  Carla Jordan


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