Twin Railroad Engineers

I do not often write stories that originate in Perryville.  I also do not often write about people with non-German names.  Today is an exception.  Twin boys were born on this day and baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Perryville.  Their lives contain several tidbits of information that I find fascinating, so today you get … More Twin Railroad Engineers

Farrar Transfer

Rosa Versemann would have been 116 years old today.  She was born in Farrar, Missouri on November 21, 1901 and baptized at Salem Lutheran Church.  Rosa’s parents were Herman and Maria (Koenig) Versemann.  We have been provided this photo of Rosa when she was relatively young.  It is an example of a photo put on … More Farrar Transfer

Louisiana Lillie

Lillie Hopper.  I confess.  That name makes me think of a frog.  I also confess.  That name does not sound like an East Perry County name.  Even if you look at her middle names, I don’t think it would give you any more hints that Lillie was from our area.  She was Lillie Francisca Georgiana … More Louisiana Lillie

Fraktur: Writing and Reading for Genealogical Research

Today’s post is once again written by Janice Camren, who authored the first entry in this series of blog posts a few days ago.  That post was titled, Fraktur? What Is That?  We thank her for her contributions to our blog and support Janice in her efforts to further her education at Southeast Missouri State … More Fraktur: Writing and Reading for Genealogical Research

Frohna Shipbuilder

Otto Winter was born on November 17, 1884 in Frohna, Missouri.  He was baptized at Concordia Lutheran Church and later confirmed there in 1898.  He was the son of August and Maria (Mangelsdorf) Winter.  He was also a brother of a character in another past post on this blog.  His brother was Emanuel Winter whose … More Frohna Shipbuilder

Fraktur? What Is That?

Hello, my name is Janice Camren and I am a graduate student at Southeast Missouri State University working on a Master’s Degree in Public History.  This semester I have a project in a class called History Communications.  As part of that project, I will be a guest blogger for the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum … More Fraktur? What Is That?

Life in a Hard Hat

Today’s story was inspired by a post that was placed on Facebook recently.  That post was made by our friends at the Perry County Historical Society in Perryville.  They posted a letter that was printed in the Perry County Republican on May 8, 1919 that was from Otto Gerler to his father in Altenburg.  Before … More Life in a Hard Hat