Conference 2018 Registration is Open!

Tales of Tears Turned to Triumphs

We are excited to invite you to participate in our 5th Biennial Immigration History Conference, October 25-27.  The Title of the Conference this year is, “Tales of Tears Turned to Triumph.”  We have many research findings to share with you, with continued stories of the original groups of Lutherans to Perry County, Missouri, as well as outmigration stories.  I am eager to hear Historical Society friend, Dale Kirmse’s outmigration stories to Oklahoma–my old tromping grounds.

We will be looking at interesting intersections in 1839 between the Cherokee relocation during the “Trail of Tears,” and the German Lutheran immigration on the Mississippi River.  There will be other Native American stories that impacted the early Lutherans in east Perry County along Apple Creek and one of the original German-Lutheran settlements named, Johannesberg.

As always, our wonderful hospitality committee will be providing home cooked food during the conference with our traditional Fish Fry with the introduction of our new Saxony Hills Brewery.  Our traditional Friday Conference Fieldtrip will travel slightly south this year with a visit to St. Paul Lutheran, Jackson, Missouri for a special luncheon with the Concordia Guild, and I’m working on a pipe organ mini-concert that afternoon.  We will be visiting the Trail of Tears State Park, and Trinity Friedheim before returning back to Altenburg for the Fish Fry.  We are having our traditional banquet finale on Saturday of the conference, with so many wonderful presentations and research opportunities in between.

Please click on the “Conference” tab  on the opening website page.  You can mail in your attendance registration, PCLHS, P.O. Box 53, or you click on “pay now” to pay online.  If you wish to be a presenter, you must call me as soon as possible to get your presentation placed on the conference schedule.

Join us!  It’s going to be another super Immigration History Conference!                         Take Care, Carla Jordan, Director

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