Memorial Day Tribute

I have decided to bring back a previously published post for this Memorial Day. Another post that is closely related to this one is the post titled, “One of Anton’s Army”. I have added a link to that post at the end of this one.

Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum

Memorial Day is a day for remembering and honoring those men and women who gave their lives to preserve the liberties that we enjoy in this country.  Today’s post will be a tribute to a family from Perry County who lost two young men as a result of World War II.  I would like to thank Tim and Colleen Mueller for providing material for this article.

Below is a photograph of something that no parent would ever want to receive.


This telegram informed the Anton Mueller family that Ruben Mueller had died as a result of an air crash over India on January 2, 1944.  The telegram was received on Saturday, January 8 with the bad news of Ruben’s death on the previous Sunday.  This was after the celebrations of Christmas just weeks earlier.  In fact, the family had received this Christmas greeting from Ruben about a month before his…

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One thought on “Memorial Day Tribute

  1. Warren, thanks for repeating the blog about my dad, Gilbert Mueller and two of my uncles, Richard and Rueben.


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