Lillian the Great

This story was published almost two years ago. This past Friday, Lillian entered paradise. Her funeral will be on Wednesday, November 7 at 10:00 am. Because so many of our museum workers will be attending the funeral, our museum will not open until noon on Wednesday. Lillian was a great supporter of the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society. She will be missed, but we are also happy that she has joined her Savior in heaven.

I know this is a great stretch, but I cannot resist a possible connection between historical people.  In the Roman Catholic Church, there is a feast celebrated in some places called the Feast of Gertrude the Great which takes place on November 16th.  Gertrude was a German nun who became notable for her spiritual writings in the 1200’s.  She just so happened to be born in Eisleben which later became the birthplace of Martin Luther.  Eisleben is also located in Saxony.  Now you may know where I am heading with this.  East Perry County happens to have a notable woman who we also consider great and happens to have November 16th as her birthday.  Being a Lutheran, she was certainly not a nun.  Around here, we are also proud of the fact that she is the mother of some pretty special friends of our museum.  We are also so very…

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