Epiphany 2020

It has been a wonderful Christmas season at the Lutheran Heritage Center. We have hosted well more than a thousand guests this past few months; we worked hard to create an excellent exhibit; and we celebrate this New Year as a seasoned team–looking hopefully forward with faith and purpose.

The last tree I would like to post for our patrons in the world is our, “Wise Folk Still Seek Him” tree. This tree has evolved into a beautiful gift over the years. It includes authentic lacquered origami from Japan, gifts from our friends given to adorn this specific tree, and so much more.

Also included in this post are some of the Magi from the incredible Gloystein Collection, and our original collections. My personal favorite are the three kings from Hawaii, dressed in authentic fabrics, with the gifts of: a beautiful tiny shell, a floral lei, and a pineapple.

Words of Epiphany were stated superbly this very morning in Tom Eggebrecht’s Lutheran Witness post: “As dark days become brighter, Epiphany delivers us the Jesus who Himself is the Light of the World.” My prayer for all of you is an Epiphany-a manifestation of God-in your daily walk in 2020. Take care, Carla Jordan

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