The Hornberger-Hacker Household

One hundred thirty years ago, Michael Hornberger and Margaret Hacker were married.  I guess you could say that if they would have carved their initials into their favorite tree as they courted one another, it would have been M.H.+M.H.

Michael Hornberger was born on October 3, 1862, the son of Adam and Elizabeth (Baer) Hornberger.  Michael was baptized at Peace Lutheran Church in Friedenberg, but those church records were destroyed in a fire.  We find Michael in his first census in 1870 at the age of 7.  Michael was child #7 in a family of 7…the baby of the family.

Michael Hornberger 1870 census Cinque Hommes Township
1870 census – Cinque Hommes Township, MO

We find Michael again in this household in the 1880 census.  Michael was the only child left in his parents’ household.

Michael Hornberger 1880 census Central Township
1880 census – Cinque Hommes Township, MO

Margaret Hacker was born on February 7, 1870.  She was part of a very large family.  Her father, Andrew Hacker, was married twice, having 4 children with his first wife, and 11 more with his second wife.  Margaret was child #7 to his second wife, Brigetta Friedmann.  By the way, there was a Margaretha Hacker born in 1851 to Andrew’s first wife.  Today’s Margaret was born 19 years later to the same father.  I can show this photograph of that father.

Andreas Hacker
Andrew Hacker

Like her future husband, Margaret was baptized at Peace Lutheran Church in Friedenberg.  Margaret can be found in the census taken during the year of her birth, 1870.

Margaretta Hacker 1870 census Cinque Hommes Township MO
1870 census – Cinque Hommes Township, MO

Next, we find Margaret in the 1880 census at the age of 10.

Margaretta Hacker 1880 census Cinque Hommes Township MO
1880 census – Cinque Hommes Township, MO

There is a record from Cross Congregation near Longtown saying that Margaret was confirmed at that congregation in 1884.  There were a few other records from the Andrew Hacker family in the Cross Congregation books in the mid-1880’s, but it doesn’t appear that they remained a part of that church very long.

Margaret Hacker confirmation record Cross Congregation Longtown MO
1884 confirmations – Cross Congregation, Longtown, MO

Michael Hornberger married Margaret Hacker on May 25, 1890.  Let’s take a look at this couple’s marriage license.

Hornberger Hacker marriage license
Hornberger/Hacker marriage license

Pastor Guemmer performed the wedding and signed this license.  He was the pastor of Peace Lutheran in Friedenberg.  However, he apparently went out of his way to put the town’s name, Longtown, after his name on this form.  I suspect the wedding may have taken place at the Hacker home.  May 25th was a Sunday that year, so maybe Rev. Guemmer came to their house on Sunday afternoon or evening.

According to our German Family Tree, this couple had 9 children.  One of them died as an infant, and one died at the early age of 25.  By the time of the 1900 census, they are shown having 5 children and living in the Central Township.

Michael Hornberger 1900 census Central Township
1900 census – Central Township, MO

Next, we can find this Hornberger household in the 1910 census.

Michael Hornberger 1910 census Central Township
1910 census – Central Township, MO

We find a few parcels of land owned by Michael Hornberger in the Perry County plat maps produced in 1915.  Their farm was located east of Perryville.  Part of their property was along the banks of the Cinque Hommes Creek.

Michael Hornberger land map 1915
Hornberger land map – 1915

The Hornberger household was somewhat smaller in the 1920 census, although another daughter had been born in 1912.

Michael Hornberger 1920 census Central Township

Michael Hornberger 1920 census 2 Central Township
1920 census – Central Township, MO

The 1920 census turned out to be the last one in which we find Margaret.  She died in 1927 at the age of 55.  We can take a look at her death certificate.

Margaret Hornberger death certificate
Margaret Hornberger death certificate

Michael Hornberger can still be found in the 1930 census as a widower.  He had 3 sons living in his household who were helping with the farm.  I am reasonably sure that the oldest two sons shown on this entry never married.

Michael Hornberger 1930 census Central Township
1930 census – Central Township, MO

Michael Hornberger died in 1932 at the age of 69.  We can also view his death certificate.

Michael Hornberger death certificate
Michael Hornberger death certificate

Michael and Margaret are buried together in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Perryville.

Michael and Margaret Hornberger gravestone Immanuel Perryville MO
Michael and Margaret Hornberger gravestone – Immanuel, Perryville, MO

Not that long ago, I had the occasion to answer a  phone call at our museum from a Mr. Hornberger.  I seem to recall that the gentleman I talked to still lived in this area.  I suspect he is not the only Hornberger descendant living around here.


I am going to share some photos I took around the museum on this Memorial Day.  A few show the flags that always show up on patriotic holidays at Trinity Lutheran Church.  They are faithfully placed there by some military veterans who are members of that congregation.  Also, I took a few photos of the progress that has been made on our new addition.  I’m sure the workers will be back and busy tomorrow.  The thumbnails are clickable.



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