Gone Fishin’

I gathered quite a bit of images and documents for a blog post today, but then my granddaughter who is visiting us said she would like to go fishing.  So we did.  The two of us traveled to a local pond, and she got a healthy dose of fishing with “Grumps” (which is what my grandkids call me).



We had some reasonable success and enjoyed more time at the pond than anticipated.  We also have to spend some time later today driving her back to her home.  That means I no longer have time to write today’s story.  My plan now is to share that story with you tomorrow even though the special date for that tale was June 18th.  So, you will just have to wait.

Meanwhile, here is a video of some construction action at the museum.








2 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. What a wonderful experience for this special young lady who was able to bond with Grandpa Grumps! Both of will never be this young again. May God continue to shower your family with His blessings.


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