Hungry for Autumn Color and a “Warren” of School Kids!

From 2014

Time to stop and count blessings again today. It’s only Wednesday and we have 1/2 of a floor on the new wing of the Lutheran Heritage Center, we had another awesome Bible Study on our journey with the Psalms, and progress in the archives is becoming measurable (what a relief.) In the lower level archives, our VP, Lynn is building additional organizational shelving, Intern Faron is cataloging our vast (1,000’s) library collection, Gerard is processing manuscript collections to beat the band, and I’m having a good time sorting artifacts. We have also had some guests stop in this week. It is wonderful to see that folks have found a way to travel safely, and get out a bit.

Things to look forward to: we will be hosting an autumn-themed quilt exhibit from the National Quilt Museum, Sept. 8-Nov. 1. Ann Hazelwood will be joining us to sign copies of her latest wonderful quilt fiction series on Sat., Sept. 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Here’s a ‘teaser’ quilt peek from the exhibition.

Jacobean Harvest by Patricia Campbell, The National Quilt Museum.

Please get your 2020 Immigration History Conference registrations in as soon as possible. We are planning a COVID safe experience with so many wonderful opportunities. We will likely need to keep our census for this event lower, so click on the ‘conference’ tab in the menu here, and proceed. You will not want to miss this special three day experience.

Finally, in my blessing counting, I am remembering and yearning for the fall colors of East Perry County, with groups of beautiful school children gobbling up every word Warren is saying to them. After these past four months of going to work and home only, I realize that I have taken so much for granted. I miss in person visits with my children, snuggling my Grandson (I’ll include his photo here with his dog, Beans), dinners with friends, shopping in boutiques, Riverboat tours, musical presentations, eating at restaurants, and so much more. But in our studies of Psalm 77 and 146-150 the past couple of weeks, I have “seen the light” even though it’s at the end of a long tunnel. Our focus must be outward FROM self-TO each other. Our hope is in the LORD, Hallelujah. Come and see us!

Love, Carla Jordan

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