Vintage Perry County Christmas

This story was published back in 2016. Have a very blessed Christmas Day.

We ran across this old picture from our photo morgue at the museum and figured it was worth a blog post.


There is evidence in the photograph above that it was taken inside the home of Vernon Meyr, the long-time president of the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society.  Gerard Fiehler has a piece of Vernon’s piano at his house and it is also labeled as being from a Logonda piano, just as we see in this picture.  The photo on top of the piano is probably that of Hattie Meyr, Vernon’s mother.

One of the most convincing proofs that this is Vernon’s house comes from the item in the lower right portion of the photograph.


This is an artifact that we have at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum which came from Vernon Meyr.  Gerard managed to locate it, and it is now a part of our Christmas exhibit for…

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