Schamburg’s Sojourns Through Perry County

You will be reading the story of Traugott Schamburg today. You will find out that he was born on this day, and he and his wife’s records can be found in the church books of several different Perry County churches. However, before we discuss Traugott, let’s take a quick look at how the Schamburg name arrived here.

Traugott’s parents, Ernst August and Theresia (Thurm) Schamburg, brought their family to America aboard the ship, Edmund, that arrived in November of 1857. They arrived in Perry County right at the time when Rev. Schieferdecker had been exiled from Trinity Lutheran Church and established Immanuel Lutheran Church on the other side of town. According to the family history of Diane Anderson on Ancestry, Theresia (Thurm) Schamburg was the sister of Traugott Thurm, who was one of the charter members of Immanuel. If the Schamburg’s had arrived a few months earlier, perhaps they would have also been included in the list of charter members. Below is an image showing the Schamburg family on the passenger list of the Edmund.

Schamburg family – Edmund passenger list 1857

The passenger list shows 3 Schamburg children, but according to our German Family Tree, two more children were born after they arrived. Traugott Schamburg was born on March 11, 1858. That was about 6 months after his mother arrived in America, so you could make the argument that Traugott also made the voyage aboard the Edmund. Traugott was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church. His baptism record from that congregation is displayed below.

Traugott Schamburg baptism record – Immanuel, Altenburg, MO

Traugott can be found in the 1860 census at the age of 2. His father had died earlier that year, so his mother was the head of the household as a widow.

1860 census – Brazeau Township, MO

I was unable to find Traugott in the 1870 census, but we do find him in the 1880 census. He was living in the Albert Hoehn household and is called a servant. I suspect he was a farm laborer.

1880 census – Central Township, MO

Now, we will take a look at the early life of Elizabeth Haeckel. Let me start by saying that I have seen several different spellings of her surname, Haeckel, Haeckel, and Hackel. I will use the Haeckel spelling. The Haeckel name arrived here when Johann Haeckel arrived in America in 1849 aboard the ship, Philadelphia. I can display a transcription of a document showing his immigration information.

Johann Haeckel – Philadelphia passenger list 1849

After his arrival, he must have married Anna Geist (her name is spelled differently on several documents), although I was unable to find a marriage document. Elizabeth Haeckel was born to this couple on August 9, 1853. She was baptized at Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown. Her baptism record is shown here.

Elizabeth Haeckel baptism record – Grace, Uniontown, MO

We find Elizabeth in the 1860 census where we find her family living in the Cinque Hommes Township in Perry County. Elizabeth was 7 years old.

1860 census – Cinque Hommes Township, MO

Elizabeth’s mother died in 1866. The 1870 census shows Elizabeth and her father living in the Henry Stuebinger household. Elizabeth is shown as a 17 year-old domestic servant.

1870 census – Cinque Hommes Township, MO

Now, we are presented with a bit of a mystery. A girl by the name of Paulina or Lena shows up in some documents that give her birth year as 1874. Paulina Horn (her married name) is said to have a father named John Fassold and a mother with the name of Lizzie Hockel on her death certificate.

Paulina Horn death certificate

Elizabeth can be found in the 1880 census living with her father and having a daughter named Paulina. I did not find a marriage record for a John Fassold marrying Elizabeth, plus we do not see this Paulina carrying the surname Fassold, so I suspect Paulina was born out of wedlock.

1880 census – Cinque Hommes Township, MO

That leads us up to the marriage of Traugott Schamburg and Elizabeth Haeckel which took place on April 17, 1883. Their marriage took place at Cross Congregation outside Longtown. Their marriage was the very first wedding to take place after that congregation was established that same year.

Schamburg/Haeckel marriage record – Cross, Longtown, MO

Our German Family Tree shows 7 children born to Traugott and Elizabeth. The first 6 of them were boys. Included was a set of twin boys born in 1886. Most of these children are said to be baptized at Peace Lutheran Church in Friedenberg, with the exception of the twins who were baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Perryville. We find the Schamburg family in the 1900 census in which they were living in the Salem Township. This is that census that is so difficult to read. This entry includes a 25 year-old “daughter” named Lena who is likely the Paulina mentioned earlier.

1900 census – Salem Township, MO

Traugott Schamburg died in 1904 at the age of 46. He died before Missouri death certificates were begun, so we cannot look at it to determine his cause of death.

Next, we find the Schamburg household in the 1910 census in which the widow, Elizabeth, was the head of the household. She is called a farmer on this entry, but she had sons who were farm laborers.

1910 census – Salem Township, MO

The 1915 plat maps have a parcel of land owned by a Schamburg.

Schaumburg land map – 1915

The last census in which we find Elizabeth was the one taken in 1920. Once again, Elizabeth is called a farmer.

1920 census – Salem Township, MO

Elizabeth Schamburg died in 1929 at the age of 76. We can take a look at her death certificate.

Elizabeth Schamburg death certificate

Traugott and Elizabeth Schamburg are each buried in the Peace Lutheran Cemetery in Friedenberg.

I counted 5 different Perry County churches that have records for either Traugott Schamburg or Elizabeth Haeckel or both. They certainly did some sojourning around this county.

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  1. Traugott was found in a cornfield “in a dying condition” where he had been cutting corn. He was taken to his home and died a few hours later of a presumed “paralytic stroke.” (April 14, 1904, Perry County Republican. His name was misspelled as Fraugott Shamperg)

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