Prepare for the Fair

What a lot of fairgoers do not realize is what goes on at the fairgrounds the night before the fair begins. There are a lot of last-minute activities that must be accomplished, but that’s not all. The night before the fair has become a favorite night for a lot of the locals. So many people from this area have to spend much of the time during the fair working in some capacity, so they do not really get that much time to leisurely enjoy the fair. The night before the fair has become their time to relax before their busy days that follow.

The hamburger stand and a beer stand are open for some limited business so the people in attendance have some food and beverage. Many folks are still setting up tents and booths to sell their wares during the fair. People are bringing items to be judged at different venues. So, there is a general mini-hubbub of activity going on. One of the parking lots gets pretty full even though the fair has yet to begin.

I have put together a gallery of photos I took last night. I don’t have time to do much else today. I don’t even have time to caption the photos. Folks have already staked out their places along the parade route which won’t happen until 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. Traffic is already beginning to flow into town. Based on what I have heard in the past, I think it is a conservative guess to say that over 20,000 people will populate this little town over the next few days. Should be fun!

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