Intersecting Exoduses

I do not have the time to research a new story today. We are sneaking up on the 6th anniversary for this blog. The first post was published on January 30, 2016. I thought about re-blogging that first post, but it only had 132 words and didn’t include much information. Instead, I found this post from January 27, 2017. It’s one of my favorites, and was written pretty close to today’s date.

The following passage is included in the book, Zion on the Mississippi.  I find it very interesting.  It tells of a seemingly insignificant event taking place during the trip up the Mississippi aboard the steamboat Knickerbocker.

“The last day of the week, January 26, found the immigrants at New Madrid, Missouri, and one more day brought them to the mouth of the Ohio River.  Two days later, near Hamburg, Illinois, it was necessary to halt for repairs, because the barge had sprung a leak from bumping into some obstruction in the water.”  Zion on the Mississippi, p. 213

The reference given for this passage is Rev. Gotthold Loeber’s diary for January 30th.  It should also be pointed out that in Memphis, the Knickerbocker began towing a barge up the river.

Hamburg, Illinois can no longer be found on a map, but it was once a named place along the east…

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