A Gathering of Grebings

Once again, I am not able to research a new story today, so I will share an old one. About a week ago, the Grebing Reunion took place in East Perry County. This story was posted back in 2017 when a previous reunion took place. I will add that a map of Altenburg shown in this post gives an answer to the question posed in a post several days ago about a parcel of land willed to Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg by Amalia (Grebing) Kluegel. The will mentioned that the land was near the creamery. That was likely part of the Grebing land shown in the map and would explain how the church became the owners of what would become the fairgrounds. FYI: The church no longer owns the fairgrounds.

Hartmann Grebing arrived in Perry County in 1839.  Because he did, there are still several Grebings that live here to this day, and on occasion, other Grebings often come here to visit.  Right now is one of those special occasions when a rather large gathering of Grebings is taking place.  Over one hundred descendants of Hartmann have gathered here for a family reunion.  We are thrilled that this group has included a visit to the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum in their agenda.

Hartmann Grebing was part of the New York Group that has been discussed previously on this blog.  Also, not long after he arrived, he married Justine Goethe in 1843.  Two previous posts have told those stories.

Here are photos of Hartmann and Justine.

In the Grebing/Göthe post, I wrote that I could not find a passenger list that included Hartmann…

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