Pound the Hammer, Ring the Bell, Bang the Drum

Today I have what could be called a grandchild commitment, so I am unable to write a new post. I am sharing a story written on this day 5 years ago. I hope you enjoy reading or re-reading it.

The Perry County Lutheran Historical Society had its beginning in 1910.  Its original mission was to preserve the Log Cabin College which was the birthplace of Concordia Seminary.  This cabin was built in 1839, but by the early 1900’s, it was showing its age and in danger of ruin.  In 1912, this historic building was moved to its present location by putting it on four wooden rollers, attaching it to two horses that pulled it to its present location in the park across the road from Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  Our museum has a few photographs that were taken of this move.  Here is one of them.

Moving Log Cabin College 1912 Martin Bellmann

Today’s story will highlight the man who is pointed out by the red arrow in this photo.  His name was Martin Bellmann.

Martin was the son of Heinrich and Engel (Wichern) Bellmann of Altenburg.  He was born on October 6, 1872, so…

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