He Shines Like a Star

The new Kindergarten teacher at our Lutheran school, United in Christ Lutheran School, is moving into her new home in Frohna today. Her name is Michelle Wolfe. She and her husband need help unloading a truck, so I will be pitching in for a while. So, I need to share an old post again. The school in Frohna has a history of having teachers with surnames that begin with a “W”. Coincidentally, the last two teachers to get calls to UCLS have had names beginning with a “W”: Michelle Wolfe and Dorothy Wienke. Two men who once taught at Concordia, Frohna a long time ago, Teacher Welp and Teacher Wukasch, each taught at that school for 50 years. Teachers Wolfe and Wienke will never accomplish that feat because of their ages, but we are hoping that each of them remain teachers at our school for a long time. I am sharing a post that was written about Teacher Wukasch.

Matthias Wukasch died on March 19th in 1925 in St. Louis, Missouri.  When he was buried in Frohna, they put a portion of Daniel 12:3 on his tombstone.

Mathias Wukasch gravestone Matthias Wukasch gravestone

Daniel 12:3 reads as follows:

“And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.”

Matthias had arrived in Perry County in 1873 as a new and inexperienced teacher to take over teaching responsibilities at Concordia Lutheran School in Frohna.  There is a story that is told about what young Teacher Wukasch said on his way from Wittenberg to Frohna on that day that he arrived and was seeing Perry County for the first time.  He said, “Hier in die wildnis bleib ich nicht.”  Translated, that would be, “Here in this wilderness I will not stay.”  He was, oh, so wrong.  It…

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