A Building in Transition

I am pasting a 6 year-old blog post today because it is time for another road trip. I will not have time to do much writing this weekend, and then on Monday, I will have my second cataract surgery. The business mentioned in this post is presently called “Say Grace”. It is now a well-established catering/special event food business operated by Kim Ponder that is an important part of our community. Next week is Fair Week. Make your plans to attend.


Another building is undergoing a transition in downtown Altenburg.  Before I say anything about what is going on there, allow me to do what I do much better……talk about its history.

The building shown above was once owned and operated by Martin H. Mueller.  In the 1900 census, he is described as a tinner (a.k.a. tinsmith).

martin-mueller Martin Mueller

Here we see Martin standing in front of the Mueller store with Paul Moeckel.  It was a hardware store.  You can see the M.H. Mueller painted on the front window.  Do not get this Mueller store confused with the one that was in Wittenberg that was written about previously.

mueller-moeckel-in-front-of-store-m Mueller Store

We know this photo was taken prior to 1908 because that is the year that Martin died.  Here is an advertisement that was printed during the time when Martin operated this store.


Here we see a later photo of this building…

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