Queen of the Fair and Her Court

In East Perry County, Fair Week begins today. I found this story that was first published in 2019 on this date that tells a unique story in the long history of the East Perry Community Fair…because it only happened once. I know that I really enjoyed writing this post. I hope you enjoy reading it today.

A few years back, I was shown a photograph that was included in the Perry County Republican back in 1951.  It was a photograph associated with the East Perry Community Fair, so I thought it would be a good story to put on our blog someday.  I really should have written this story last year for reasons I will explain later, but I didn’t.  I will tell it today.  First, here is the photograph, complete with a very thorough caption.


As you can see, the date this story was published was September 27, 1951, so it highlights an event that took place at the East Perry Community Fair in that year.  The photo’s caption describes the event as the contest held at the fair to name the Queen of the East Perry Fair.  An astounding 26 contestants had entered this contest, and 25 of them are shown in the photograph.

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