And Then There Were Two

Yesterday was one of those days when I was unable to find the time to begin researching a story for today, and my schedule today does not allow for any time either, so I am once again re-publishing an old story. This one goes way back to 2017 in the early days of this blog. The end of January and beginning of February was the time that the steamboats coming up from New Orleans to St. Louis were arriving. It must have been a time when many of the immigrants were very apprehensive about their future. So, I hope you enjoy this short article that was posted on January 24th, today’s date.

There seems to be some dispute about when the steamboat Clyde arrived in St. Louis with the immigrants that had voyaged across the Atlantic aboard the Johann Georg.  However, an article in a St. Louis newspaper said that the Clyde had arrived on January 24, 1839, so that is the date that is agreeable to most, and it is the reason why I am writing this post on this day.

It must have been a real relief to the people who had first arrived in St. Louis and were waiting for the rest of the members of the Gesellschaft.  The fact that another ship had completed its journey to America must have put smiles on the faces of both the people waiting in St. Louis and the ones arriving on the Clyde. 

Yesterday, I continued my search for evidence of the Gesellschaft ships arriving in New Orleans.  One that…

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