Seelitz Soldiers

I will not have time to write a new post today, so I am posting this old one that was published 6 years ago on this date. The featured character, Ferdinand Poppitz, would be celebrating his 130th birthday today.

The story starts with Joseph Ferdinand Poppitz being born on February 15, 1893.  His life story led me to another story with a broader reach.  First, let’s take a look at a map of the Seelitz area in Perry County from about 1915.  It shows who owned land in that area.

seelitz-map-1915 Seelitz map – 1915

Joseph Ferdinand Poppitz was the son of Ferdinand and Ernestine (Oehlert) Poppitz.  You can see both the name Poppitz and the name Oehlert in this map.  Here is a photo of the Poppitz family.

ferdinand-poppitz-family Ferdinand Poppitz family

Joseph Ferdinand is second from the left in the back row.  I found this photo of Joseph Ferdinand Poppitz, and it was this photo that led me to the subject of this post…..the Seelitz soldiers.

joseph-ferdinand-poppitz-wwi Joseph Ferdinand Poppitz

You can find young Ferdinand living with his parents in the 1910 census, and after World War I, you can…

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