Dual Landings

Worship time and family time take precedence over blog writing today. Here is a story I published 6 years ago describing the amazing coincidence of two ships reaching their destinations on February 19th in 1839…one in New York City and the other in St. Louis. Both of these landings were important in the early history of East Perry County.

Once in a while, I discover that two familiar events happened on the same day.  I have to tell the story of two of those today.  One event was the landing of a boat; the other a landing of a ship.  One event took place fairly close by in St. Louis; the other took place in New York City.  Both of these events took place on February 19, 1839.  The other fascinating fact is that these two events taken together included almost everyone in the Buenger family.

I have looked back at previous posts, and I have found that I have told bits and pieces of this story, but not all of it.  It is also a story that is similar to some other stories which told of families that came to America on separate ships.  The Buengers, because of an unusual set of circumstances, traveled on three different ships…

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