A Trio of Pioneer Pastors

I have decided to take a day off from writing a new blog post. It is partly due to losing an hour because of setting our clocks ahead. Here is a post that was published on this blog exactly 5 years ago. I still find this story interesting.

Concordia Historical Institute has a site called Today in History at which you can find significant events that happened on a certain date throughout church history.  That site can be found here:


Here is what that site looks like.

CHI This Day in Lutheran History

I have put a box around today’s date, March 12.  If you were to click on that date, you would find a list of events….many of them birthdays….that took place on that day.  Since our Synod has a way to get this list delivered to your e-mail account each day, I do not have to go to this site all the time.  I just peruse it in my e-mail each morning to see if there is a possible story for our blog.  It is not often that this is the source for my stories, but today it was.  That is because in the list of events for March 12th, I…

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