Take Me Out to the Ballpark

I am heading back to Altenburg today, so I am unable to research and write. This post was published back in 2016. Back in those days, the posts were considerably shorter. Because I was out of town yesterday, I missed having my weekly dose of fastpitch softball, fish, and beer. I don’t plan on missing many of these traditional Sunday evening gatherings at the ballpark.

Altenburg Ballfield Altenburg Ballpark

The time has come.  The area schools have all dismissed for the summer.  The weather has turned warmer.  Children are wandering the streets of Altenburg looking for something to do.  It’s time to hear the umpire shout, “Play Ball!”

The ballpark in Altenburg shown above will be home for plenty of action in the coming weeks.  Coach-pitch baseball and fast-pitch softball games have all been scheduled to take place here and at the ballpark in Frohna.

Not only will people gather here to watch the action on the field, but this location becomes the center of Altenburg social life during this season.  Quite a few local residents come to the ballpark not only to see some games, but to see one another, tell some stories, and eat some good food.  The concession stand is especially well-known for its fried fish, served on a piece of white bread to…

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