Buenger Well Brick

I am not going to be writing my typical story today. Instead of discussing people, I’ll be writing about bricks. This tale began with a knock on my front door a few days ago. My neighbor, Greg Jung, who grazes his cows in my pasture regularly, was out making preparations for the cows to return … More Buenger Well Brick

Bruno’s Winesaps

Bruno and Maria were married on this day 122 years ago in Farrar. This couple was made up of some typical Farrar names. Quite a few posts have told stories of other siblings in these two families, but today we get to tell the tale of a bride and groom that bring these two families … More Bruno’s Winesaps

Herman’s Haircuts

The birthday girl in today’s story will lead us to Herman the haircutter. This birthday girl was born in Germany on May 8, 1888. Alma Marie Fritsche was the last child born into the family of Heinrich and Bertha (Boehme) Fritsche. According to our German Family Tree, she was the last of 7 children in … More Herman’s Haircuts