Stories in the Trees

There will be no story involving family research today.  I want to use today’s post as an opportunity to point out that right now we have several stories on display at our museum.  Those stories are in the trees.  The trees are part of our annual Christmas exhibit here at our museum. First, let me … More Stories in the Trees

German Illustration Art

In college, Children’s Literature was one of my passions, and I was fortunate to study under a great instructor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  When I came here in 2005, I was immediately attracted to the numerous German children’s books in the collection.  The stories are mostly silly poems, moralistic tales, with some Bible stories–rather … More German Illustration Art

Blue…..Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue….Christmas

Last night, the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society held one of its regular business meetings at our museum.  As we were sitting in the Research Library listening to committee reports, we heard a loud crash on the other side of the bookcases.  We immediately knew that one of our Christmas trees had “taken a dive”.  … More Blue…..Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue….Christmas

Vom Himmel Hoch

There are several Christmas hymns that supposedly were first introduced on Christmas Eve, December 24th.  One of the most famous was one which was written by none other than Martin Luther.  That hymn was Vom Himmel Hoch…..or in English, From Heaven Above.  Although not everyone agrees on the exact year, many indicate that Martin Luther … More Vom Himmel Hoch

Nick or Knecht?

Yesterday’s blog post brought about some lively discussion, especially with regard to this black and white photograph which supposedly showed Santa. So today, after becoming much more informed regarding the character shown in this photo, we will discuss this matter more thoroughly. Yesterday afternoon, we received a phone call from Rev. Roger Moldenhauer, a dear … More Nick or Knecht?

‘Tis the Season

The history of Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg states that it was during the time when Rev. P. Roesener was their pastor that permission was given to have a Christmas tree placed inside the church sanctuary.  Pastor Roesener served the church here in Altenburg from 1889-1901, so it was sometime during that era that Christmas … More ‘Tis the Season