Blue…..Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue….Christmas

Last night, the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society held one of its regular business meetings at our museum.  As we were sitting in the Research Library listening to committee reports, we heard a loud crash on the other side of the bookcases.  We immediately knew that one of our Christmas trees had “taken a dive”.  Here is what we found (after the tree had been placed upright again):


Our beloved Blue Tree had succumbed to gravity.  Of course, this tragedy could be blamed on Gerard Fiehler, who has been way too anxious to take the trees down lately, but there are other possible explanations.

  • The New Madrid Fault might have done a little shaking which caused the tree to fall.
  • A draft from our heating and air conditioning unit may have blown it down.
  • The continuous laughter from our meeting might have shaken the building and caused this tree to come crashing down.

However, my personal favorite explanation for this event is as follows:

  • The spirit of Elvis Presley had entered the building….on his birthday, no less.  He was stalking around the building, and was especially attracted to our Blue Tree.  We all know that Elvis has an affinity for Blue…..Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue….Christmases.  He must have gotten “all shook up”by the sight of our beautiful Blue Tree with its glowing blue lights and inadvertently caused its demise.  We should be hearing from the Presley Foundation in the near future offering to pay for the damage.  When that happens, I’m sure our members will all respond with a resounding, “Thank you……Thank you very much.”

During our meeting, another important action was taken.  We welcomed three new members to our historical society…..Nelda Kreidel, Darryl Peetz, and Joy Peetz.  In these photos, we see Darryl and Joy signing our membership book which is over 100 years old.

If you would like to become official members of the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society, please let us know.  And, for your information, the Christmas exhibit will be on display for one more week……minus one Blue Tree.

We are thankful that Elvis did not manage to get into the Research Library to get a look at our Blue Delft Tree.  If that tree would have fallen, it would have been a much greater loss, and it would have caused our director, Carla Jordan, to cry.


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