The Journeys of a Sendling and His Son – Part 2

Fred Eggers authored this second installment to the Konemann story that was posted two days ago. Fred tells me he had some issues which kept him from getting this article written for yesterday. So, you are getting it today. I think you will find it worth the wait. ======================================== Yesterday I wrote about Teacher Detrich … More The Journeys of a Sendling and His Son – Part 2

Lydia of La Junta

Lydia Bruhl is today’s birthday girl. She was born on September 20, 1892, the daughter of Charles and Juliana (Popp) Bruhl. She was the firstborn child in this Bruhl family. Lydia was baptized at Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna, Missouri. Here is an image of her baptism record. We see evidence that the Bruhl surname … More Lydia of La Junta

A Carpenter’s Son

Jesus was a carpenter’s son.  He went on to carry out the mission of his Heavenly Father.  Although I begin with the birthday of a girl in Perry County today, I will use that event to kick off the story of one of her sons.  That son was also the son of a carpenter, and … More A Carpenter’s Son

No Longer an End

The first thing that attracted me to today’s story was a name.  The name was Emma Eva End.  Add to that the fact that Emma married an Emil, and you have a lot of E’s.  Emma and Emil were married on June 29, 1890.  Their story, as it turns out, has many interesting details. Emma … More No Longer an End

Blanken/Blanken Wedding

A girl’s birth took place on this day in East Perry County in 1889.  That birth had some rather unusual characteristics.  Then later that girl was married in Kansas.  That marriage also had some rather unusual characteristics.  I will attempt to tell that story today, even though it does contain some unanswered questions. The birthday … More Blanken/Blanken Wedding

Another Black and White Wedding – Revisited (With Pi for Dessert)

Almost two years ago,  I wrote this very short post about wedding photographs which show a bride wearing a dark dress with a white veil.  Here is that post….with some additions.+ ================================= While searching for a historical occasion that occurred on this date, I ran across the death date of Ida Emilie Martha (Mueller) Doering…..April … More Another Black and White Wedding – Revisited (With Pi for Dessert)