Buried on the Bank

A Schuricht family history book includes the following paragraph which includes an account of the death of Johann Gottlob Schuricht on January 8, 1839. Based on evidence that we have at our museum, here is what I think happened. Johann Gottlob Schuricht (who appears to already be a Junior in the Schuricht family history) brought … More Buried on the Bank

Buried at Sea

The Republik was getting very near to its destination.  It was now in the Gulf of Mexico headed for the port city of New Orleans.  The ship had already been at sea for a little over two months.  Then, six days before the end of the voyage, the first and only death on the Republik … More Buried at Sea

26 Days Together

The story I tell today is almost too sad to tell, but sometimes I guess you just have to tell it like it is.  The story comes out of the family of the Johann Martin Traugott Fiehler family that lived in Uniontown, Missouri.  Traugott was part of the Fiehler family about which we wrote in … More 26 Days Together

The Palisch Twins

Today’s story is another one about a  pair of East Perry County twins.  Maybe stories about twins attract my attention more than others because I am the grandfather of a pair of twin girls.  We have already done several posts about twins.  One of those was titled, Together in Birth and Death.  Today’s story could … More The Palisch Twins

Mama Loeber

On July 16, 1852, Sophie Henriette Wilhelmine (Zahn) Loeber died in St. Louis, Missouri.  I have discovered that there are several similarities between this Mama Loeber and the Mama Buenger who is the main character in my book. Wilhelmine was the wife of Rev. Gotthold Loeber, who was the first pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church … More Mama Loeber