The Palisch Twins

Today’s story is another one about a  pair of East Perry County twins.  Maybe stories about twins attract my attention more than others because I am the grandfather of a pair of twin girls.  We have already done several posts about twins.  One of those was titled, Together in Birth and Death.  Today’s story could very well use the same title, but its circumstances are quite different.

Bernhard Palisch was the first Palisch child to be born in Perry County.  He had an older brother, Martin Stephan Palisch who was born in 1839 in St. Louis, prior to the immigrants coming to Perry County, but he died early.  That story was told in Martin Stephan Never Made It to Perry County.  Bernhard married Amalia Seise in 1862 at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Altenburg.

On September 12, 1873, twin sons were born to this family.  The couple had five other children by this time.  The names of the boys were Friedrich Bernhardt and Heins Joseph.  Twenty-six days after these boys were born on the same day, they died on the same day, October 8, 1873.  Here we see their gravestone in the Immanuel Cemetery.

Palisch twins gravestone – Immanuel, Altenburg

The next child for this couple was stillborn.  The one after that only lived a couple of days.  Then the next three children survived.  In 1884, Amalia died seven days after giving birth to a baby girl.  That baby died three days later.

Perry County Death Record

All in all, the Bernhardt Palisch family had eight children that lived to adulthood.

The Palisch twins were indeed together in birth and in death.  Between those two events, they were baptized.  Now we know that they are together in Paradise.

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