Kluegel-Grebing Connections – Then and Now

I will describe a marriage between a Kluegel and a Grebing in this post. This Kluegel/Grebing couple had no children, so there are no descendants that resulted from the marriage. However, I find it interesting that there is still a connection between the Kluegel’s and the Grebing’s nowadays. We will begin with the birthday girl. … More Kluegel-Grebing Connections – Then and Now

The Original Members of the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society

Whenever the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society welcomes new members to its organization, the old book shown below is brought out so that they can add their names to the historical list of people who have been members of that organization over the years. If you open this book to the beginning, you will find … More The Original Members of the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society

Copernicus Couple

Two teenagers made the voyage as part of the Gesellschaft aboard the Copernicus in 1838.  If the teenagers back then were at all like teenagers nowadays, they would have likely found opportunities to hang around each other while on the voyage.  If they didn’t know one another before they got on the ship, the may … More Copernicus Couple

Piano Man

A rather interesting marriage took place on November 26, 1845 in Altenburg, Missouri.  The circumstances that make this story interesting are the ones that occurred before this wedding took place.  However, at this point, I will quickly mention that the wedding we will discuss today was the fourth wedding that took place in the new … More Piano Man