Frohna’s Doc

March 22nd was the birthday of Dr. Gotthilf Adolph Palisch.  Dr. Palisch was the doctor serving the Frohna community for many years.  He was the youngest child of Ernst and Juliane (Hofstetter) Palisch of Frohna.  He was born in 1875.  A little over a year after Gotthilf was born, his father died.  He hadn’t even … More Frohna’s Doc

Born at Sea

First of all, today I have a confession to make.  I have found it very difficult the past couple of days to come up with blog posts  There are several reasons for this.  One is that I simply have found it difficult to locate a story that excites me.  Also, teaching and museum responsibilities have … More Born at Sea

Another Löber Day

The first thing I want to accomplish today is establish the way a name is pronounced in East Perry County.  Loeber.  When Rev. Gotthold Loeber arrived in 1839, the passenger list showed his name spelled with an umlaut…..Löber.   We also have a display of Loeber artifacts in our museum, and we have this picture … More Another Löber Day