If You’re Gonna Be a Fiedler, You Gotta Have a Schmidt in the Band

I believe that if you look at the family trees of folks that live in this area, you will eventually discover a Schmidt amongst the branches. We will be looking at the Fiedler family tree today, and, lo and behold, one of the Fiedler’s married a Schmidt. However, the Schmidt bride in today’s story did … More If You’re Gonna Be a Fiedler, You Gotta Have a Schmidt in the Band

Kurreville Store

The information shown below from our German Family Tree is the starting point for today’s post. As you can see, there is not much there. It contains only a baptism record and a marriage record from Grace Lutheran Church. As of the time of this writing, the German Family Tree does not contain records for … More Kurreville Store

Unmarked Graves

I happen to know that my church, Trinity Lutheran in Altenburg, is presently examining ways to correct some problems we have in our cemetery. There are broken or fallen gravestones, grave markers that are leaning, plus there are quite a few empty spots for graves that were never marked with a gravestone. Today’s story will … More Unmarked Graves

The Hopfer Store

Yesterday, the story was told of a couple made up of two people who were born, baptized, confirmed, married, and buried while members of the same church. I will tell another one of those stories today. It just takes place a a different congregation. This time, the setting for the entire post will be in … More The Hopfer Store