Alvin and Alvine – Pocahontas Pfeiffer’s

I seem to be spending quite a bit of time telling stories about people from the Shawnee Township in northern Cape Girardeau County these days. There are 4 present-day Lutheran congregations in that township…Immanuel, New Wells, Trinity, Shawneetown, St. John’s Pocahontas, and Zion, Pocahontas. St. John’s and Immanuel were the earliest congregations, with Trinity and … More Alvin and Alvine – Pocahontas Pfeiffer’s

Herman and Hilda

Herman Gottlieb Gustave Pfeiffer was born on November 26, 1890, making him today’s birthday boy. He would have had to blow out 131 candles on his cake if he was still alive today. Herman was the son of Herman and Louise (Klaus) Pfeiffer. I’m not exactly sure if he is a genuine Herman, Jr., but … More Herman and Hilda

Hecht Hardships

Perhaps it is because I started my search in our German Family Tree where I left off yesterday. The end result is that I found another Hecht story to share with you today. The birthday boy for today is Immanuel Ernst Hecht who was born on February 10, 1885. Immanuel was the son of Heinrich … More Hecht Hardships

Grosse Pfeiffer

I will begin with a discussion of German words today. The word, grosse, in German can be translated to the word large in English. I also found evidence that the German surname, Pfeiffer, can be translated as fifer, one who plays the fife. When I think of a fife, I think of a fife and … More Grosse Pfeiffer