200 Year-Old Wolff

I have a hard time resisting the story of a person celebrating their 200th birthday, especially when I locate a baptism record for the individual. Since most of the German Lutherans first came to Perry County in 1839, we can be sure that the birth of a person celebrating a bicentennial birthday must have been … More 200 Year-Old Wolff

Another Emma Thomas

I chose today’s story for a different reason than most posts that I write. I rarely find a story based on a baptism date. However, the girl I will highlight in this post got my attention anyway. First of all, she had the same name as another woman in a post I wrote recently titled, … More Another Emma Thomas

Pocahontas Mueller’s

A Mueller couple would be celebrating their 143rd anniversary today if they were still alive. The couple was made up of a German descendant of an original immigrant from the Gesellschaft and a later Austrian immigrant. I will begin with the German groom. Heinrich Furchtegott Mueller was born on May 7, 1855, the son of … More Pocahontas Mueller’s

Rev. Mueller – From Clark’s Creek to Caesar Creek

I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I consider it a tiny “Act of God”. In yesterday’s post, Alvina Heidel’s birthday led me to a story about the “Dietrich Giants” which ended up in Kansas. I reported that the Dietrich’s moved to Kansas because Rev. Friedrich Mueller was the pastor there. What are the chances that … More Rev. Mueller – From Clark’s Creek to Caesar Creek

Acts of God – Part 3

You are about to take a trip back in time, starting in St. Louis, and proceeding to New Wells, Frohna, and Seelitz in Missouri and Horse Prairie in Illinois. The Missouri and Illinois settings have the common thread of Rev. Martin Stephan. All of those places are connected to Diane Guelzow, whose husband’s family roots … More Acts of God – Part 3

Metzner Maze

Johanne Caroline Christiana Metzner was not born on this day, but her birthday is pretty close. She was born on May 6, 1837 in Germany. Her parents were Johann Michael and Christiane Auguste Henriette (Aloe) Metzner. According to later census records, the Metzner family came to America in 1844. The first possible document in which … More Metzner Maze