Gesellschaft Gal Celebrates Bicentennial Birthday

Today, you will be reading the story of a woman who was part of the original Stephanite immigration in 1839 that was called the Gesellschaft. She would be celebrating her 200th birthday because she was born on February 24, 1823. The man who would become her husband was also part of the Gesellschaft. However, neither … More Gesellschaft Gal Celebrates Bicentennial Birthday

Bruno’s Winesaps

Bruno and Maria were married on this day 122 years ago in Farrar. This couple was made up of some typical Farrar names. Quite a few posts have told stories of other siblings in these two families, but today we get to tell the tale of a bride and groom that bring these two families … More Bruno’s Winesaps

Katt Has Two Wives

You’ve heard that cats have nine lives. I found a story today in which a Katt has two wives. One of those wives is today’s birthday girl. I will begin by looking at her early years. Maria Theresia Lorenz was born on October 16, 1856, making today her 165th birthday. Theresia was the daughter of … More Katt Has Two Wives

A Franke Discussion

I happened to be working at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum yesterday along with my buddy, Gerard Fiehler. We had finished assisting some guests from Illinois and North Dakota who had come to see our museum. I had already completed yesterday’s post and then began looking for a story for today. That process led … More A Franke Discussion

John Finds a Martha

Gotthilf Johannes Lorenz is the one who has a birthday today. Almost all of the documents for him call him John. He was born on July 27, 1873, the son of August and Justine (Franke) Lorenz. John’s parents are pictured below. John was the 9th of 11 children born into this Lorenz family. The first … More John Finds a Martha