Lehrer Lueders

Today’s story begins in Frohna.  The birthday girl marries a Lutheran teacher.  Agnes Fiehler was born on February 28, 1876 and baptized at the relatively new Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna.  Her parents were Benjamin and Bertha (Doberenz) Fiehler.  Benjamin was a farmer, and Agnes was the third of eleven children born into this family.  … More Lehrer Lueders

Lumber Yard Matriarch

Meta Sylvia Lueders was born on this day, December 17th, in 1914.  Just a few years ago, she died at the age of 99 years.  Her life was certainly an interesting one.  She herself was the product of some very influential families in the village of Frohna, Missouri, and her own family would be included … More Lumber Yard Matriarch

Otto’s Oda

Two prominent families in the city of Wittenberg, Missouri during its heyday were the Lueders and Weinhold families.  Previous stories have been written about both these families.  Today’s birthday girl was the product of a marriage between members of these two families.  That couple was made up of Otto Lueders and Lydia Weinhold.  Although Otto … More Otto’s Oda