Kipping Up with the Meyer’s and the Lohmann’s

Maybe in English communities, you can talk about “Keeping Up with the Jones’s”, but from our German community comes a story of “Kipping Up with the Meyer’s and the Lohmann’s”. We begin with a birthday girl. Augusta Maria Magdalena Meyer was born on October 2, 1897, so she would be celebrating a special 125th birthday … More Kipping Up with the Meyer’s and the Lohmann’s

Henry IV’s 200th

Men by the name of Henry Miesner have been mentioned many times in previous posts on this blog. After doing a quick search, I think I have written 3 previous stories that had as one of their main characters a man with that name. So, I will refer to today’s Henry Miesner as Henry IV. … More Henry IV’s 200th

Widowed in Winter – Joined during June in Jacob

There are four main characters in today’s tale. These four first made up two pairs, but when death came to their doorsteps, the two that remained became a pair. All four had their origins in the Hanover area of Germany. We have to travel across the Mississippi River to Jackson County, Illinois to find this … More Widowed in Winter – Joined during June in Jacob

In Farrar for Keeps

You will be reading another one of those stories that tells of a couple who were each born, baptized, confirmed, married, raised a family, died, and were buried at the same congregation. It all begins with the birth of a boy on November 6, 1887 by the name of Ernst Rudolf Miesner. His parents were … More In Farrar for Keeps