My Darling, Clementine

One of the characters in my book, Mama Buenger: Mother of a Synod is Clementine Buenger.  She is today’s birthday girl.  She was born on June 15, 1823 in Etzdorf, Germany.  She was the daughter of Rev. Jakob and Christiane (Reiz) Buenger.  Her father died in 1836, so her widowed mother decided to become a … More My Darling, Clementine

Estel & Lange

Today would have been the 162nd anniversary of Paul Martin and Anna (Lange) Estel.  They were married at Old Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Louis on June 7, 1857.  We have this marriage record, although it is just an entry in an Excel worksheet. I chose to write this story for a variety of reasons.  … More Estel & Lange

The Real Housewives of Perry County – 1800’s Edition

This post was inspired by an e-mail our museum received this past week.  It came to us from an individual in Germany who has discovered our blog and website and is looking to find information about what happened to some people from Germany who came to America as part of the Gesellschaft.  First of all, … More The Real Housewives of Perry County – 1800’s Edition