Boehme’s in Frames

I took a different approach today.  Instead of looking for a story that corresponds with today’s date, I chose to highlight a donation that our museum recently received.  And yet, despite that approach, I still managed to find a trivial connection to today’s date. The donations we received are photographs from a Boehme family, so … More Boehme’s in Frames

Charles Weber x 2

I had to change boats in midstream today.  I was leaning toward doing a story on a girl who was born on this day whose surname was Dietzfeldinger.  Now how can you resist a story about a name like that?  But I am going to.  Instead, other local events have caused me to do a … More Charles Weber x 2

Buried at Sea

The Republik was getting very near to its destination.  It was now in the Gulf of Mexico headed for the port city of New Orleans.  The ship had already been at sea for a little over two months.  Then, six days before the end of the voyage, the first and only death on the Republik … More Buried at Sea