Ridge Romance Repeat

It is a recurring theme. Neighbors on The Ridge end up getting married. Such stories have already appeared several times on this blog, and you are getting yet another one today. I discovered today’s story because of a birthday. Elizabeth Weber was born on September 29, 1862, the daughter of Charles and Emilie (Guebner) Weber. … More Ridge Romance Repeat

A Baby Flies

In 1925, a seven month old baby flew through the air.  No, she didn’t have wings.  She wasn’t in a plane.  She flew through the air because a tornado tore her away from her mother’s arms and she went flying.  Thankfully, this little child survived.  Today was the birthday of that baby’s mother. Julia Knoll … More A Baby Flies

The Deadliest Tornado

Ninety-one years ago, on March 18, 1925, what became known as the Tri-State Tornado ripped through Perry County, Missouri.  It remains to this day as the deadliest tornado in U.S. history, killing 695 people and leaving an incredible path of destruction. There is an amazing account of the Tri-State tornado which can be found here. … More The Deadliest Tornado