Mueller Millers

We have a Mueller wedding to talk about today.  This one took place on April 10, 1904 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg.  The groom was Henry Mueller and the bride was Wilhelmina Kuennell.  Here is their Missouri marriage license. Rev. Dr. A. Schorman performed the ceremony.  Here is their wedding photo. Henry was the … More Mueller Millers

The Schmidt Store

Since it is Thanksgiving Day, and since Thanksgiving has traditionally been a day for family, I am doing a post about my own family.  I have found out quite a bit about my own family only after I retired from teaching and moved to Altenburg.  Once I started spending time at the Lutheran Heritage Center … More The Schmidt Store

Schmidt nee Schmidt

A few of our locals were recently lamenting that those with the name Schmidt around East Perry County are becoming more aged and less numerous.  I daresay, however, that there are some in the community who think that this is a good thing.  There are fewer and fewer younger Schmidts around.  In fact, there are … More Schmidt nee Schmidt

Tell It Like It Was

I am posting this blog under my own name today, not the Research Crew, because I will be stating some of my opinions, not just the facts. Today’s story begins with the fact that Friedrich Immanuel Estel was born on this day, April 30, in 1832, before he came to America as part of the … More Tell It Like It Was