Love Boat (1868)

My wife likes to do jigsaw puzzles. On a few occasions she has told me that a certain piece is just not there. She even searches the floor and under furniture for the missing piece. Eventually, she discovers that the piece is not missing. She has just placed it in the wrong location on the … More Love Boat (1868)

A Disappearing Winter

f today’s tale was told in a previous post titled, Learning Latin from a Blacksmith’s Son. However that post highlighted a son of today’s couple. I am returning to this story to focus more on the parents. I even found another bride for the father. It seems like it is a daily occurrence that I … More A Disappearing Winter

A Shawneetown Winter

On this early winter day, I will tell the tale of a Winter who was born 153 years ago. Carl Ludwig (Louis) Winter was born on December 6, 1869, the son of August and Maria (Mangelsdorf) Winter. A post was written about Ludwig’s parents titled, Winter the Wagon Maker, Ludwig was baptized at Concordia Lutheran Church … More A Shawneetown Winter

Joseph and Emma – A Few More Bock’s in Uniontown

Today is the birthday of Joseph Bock. Like several other Bock babies that have appeared in this blog, Joseph was born and baptized in Uniontown. Joseph was born on November 18, 1843, the son of Michael and Christiane (Hemmann) Bock. Joseph’s mother was the 2nd child of J.G. Hemmann, who has been mentioned in quite … More Joseph and Emma – A Few More Bock’s in Uniontown

Weber – Hecht- Winter

Wilhelmine Weber will be the focus of today’s tale. During her lifetime, she was married twice. The first marriage took place on today’s date. Wilhelmine Weber was born on July 25, 1835 in Ossig, Germany. Wilhelmine was the daughter of Gottfried and Christiane (Seidel) Weber. Her baptism record from the parish in Ossig is displayed … More Weber – Hecht- Winter