Pastor Schoech and the Brewmaster’s Daughter

You will be reading quite a different type of story today. Yes, it does have a birthday girl. However, neither of the characters that make up today’s married couple were Perry County, Missouri natives, nor could you track back into their family histories to find ties to Perry County names. Also, neither the husband or … More Pastor Schoech and the Brewmaster’s Daughter

Martin and Magdalena – Lohmann’s from Alva, OK

Maria Magdalena Brunkhorst was born on January 13, 1892, so today would be her 131st birthday. Magdalena was the daughter of Johann and Magdalene (Mahnken) Brunkhorst. She was the 3rd and last child in this Brunkhorst family. Magdalena was baptized at Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna. An image of her baptism record from that congregation’s … More Martin and Magdalena – Lohmann’s from Alva, OK

Granny’s Granny

At Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg, we have many members who call a woman, Granny. Kathy Schlimpert and her husband, Oliver, had 4 children, and all of them were girls. Those 4 are all married with children (and even some grandchildren), and they are all still members of Trinity. Therefore, we have plenty of Ponder’s, … More Granny’s Granny

Pocahontas Mueller’s

A Mueller couple would be celebrating their 143rd anniversary today if they were still alive. The couple was made up of a German descendant of an original immigrant from the Gesellschaft and a later Austrian immigrant. I will begin with the German groom. Heinrich Furchtegott Mueller was born on May 7, 1855, the son of … More Pocahontas Mueller’s

Longtown Hoehn’s

You will be reading in this post about a wedding that took place 126 years ago. This year is the 125th anniversary year of Zion Lutheran Church in Longtown. The family of the bride was especially involved in the establishment of that congregation. However, the marriage is not recorded in that church’s books because it … More Longtown Hoehn’s