Reading Room Mysteries

Carolyn Shirmer Reading Room

Pictured clockwise are Lynn Degenhardt, Carolyn Schirmer, Charles Rauh, and Gerard Fiehler.  (photo by Warren Schmidt)

Who was married to Magdelina Buenger Mueller?   Well, we know it was Christian Mueller, but not the Christian Mueller that we had documented in our library.  Lutheran Heritage Center research teamers:  Lynn, Carolyn, and Gerard got to the bottom of the mystery this morning in our research library.  There were TWO ancestors with the name Christian Mueller.  Christian Heinrich Wilhelm Mueller by the 1900 census went by William H. Mueller.  Originally we had him married to Magdelina Buenger Mueller, but confirmed today that Magdelina was married to Christian Mueller, son of Gottlob–a different guy!  William H. was married to Adelheid Tiedeman Mueller from the New Wells area.  Mystery solved.

This is just a small example of the amazing work that goes on near daily in our Starzinger Family Research Library Room.  Our thriving research library becomes more active when you zoom out and look at our larger Zion Roots Research Library system which also includes the German Family Tree Database (an in-house resource) and our on-line family tree service,  Please contact us with any research questions you might have:

Take Care, Carla Jordan


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