Meet Our President & First Lady

Many of us have a bit of “political propaganda” fatigue, so this is my solution for a respite.  I will create a series of spotlights on the folks who keep this amazing Historical Society and Heritage Center alive.  My inaugural post will feature our Historical Society President and First Lady, Warren and Sandra Schmidt.  I am proud to call them both my friends, and their faithful service to this institution is remarkable.  Warren and Sandy have stepped forward in leadership since their “retirement” arrival in Perry County in the not so distant past.  Warren has an ancestral link to this region that I will allow him to continue to address in his blog posts, but amongst our “museum family” he is a stellar leader.  Both Warren and Sandi exhibit my philosophy, “You Must Be Present to Win.”  They jump in and help us at every turn.

Warren Schmidt

I observed a need recently for a museum “spiffing” and we had a short deadline prior to an event.  Sandi and our board V.P., Diane Weber organized a cleaning schedule and everything was spotless for our event.  Sandi has also designed Christmas trees for our celebration working with the United in Christ Lutheran School to create the ornaments.  Our team treasures Sandi’s commitment to this site, and I wanted to thank her in this public blog (which she will find completely unnecessary.)

Warren is an author, a calm problem-solver, researcher, teacher, and my friend.  I believe that his leadership is strong because he “walks his talk.”  Warren cares deeply about his Lutheran faith, and exemplifies his passion for teaching with our patrons.  We thank you for your service to the Lutheran Heritage Center Museum & Research Library, as well as to our region, Warren.  I have been known to look up from my work at the History Center in Jackson and see Warren and Sandi walk through the door to support my efforts there, too (sometimes with my favorite part of their family in tow–the grandkids!)

I have a challenge for all of you, when you get bogged down with the monotonous political cycle that is vital to the stability of our country (even though it seems unstable at times.)   Stop, and take a look at the personal, church, or local leadership around you.  Celebrate their service in your life; if there is not much to celebrate–jump in and help make your landscape a better place to live with your own active leadership.  Thank you, Warren and Sandi for all that you do for our community, our Historical Society, our church, and our schools.


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