Butchering History in Perry County

We have had a great time putting together the regional butchering exhibit.  The “waste not, want not” philosophy of this culture since 1839 is still exhibited in the family winter butchering practices that continue in the region in January of 2016.  It is important that we teach farm to table “ways” otherwise we are a “buy it on the yellow meat tray with plastic wrap” grocery store culture.  If we know from where our food derives we appreciate the resources it takes to feed ourselves. Included in the exhibit are recipes for the original sausage mixtures that were brought here from the German homeland.

A special thanks to the Lorberg/Fiedler Family, Schlimpert Family, Degenhardt Family, and Schilling Family for the resources to put the exhibit together.  Take Care, Carla L. Jordan

butchering exhibit 1

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