Connecting Two Blog Posts

Maria Kramer (Krahmer) baptism record – Trinity, Altenburg records

Today, I was attempting to find out if there were any marriages or births which occurred around the time of the Altenburg Debate.  In doing so, I found out that one of the characters of the triple wedding which was on our blog a few days ago, was born at about that time.  Maria Kramer, who married Heinrich Jacob, was born on March 21, 1841.  She was baptized exactly three weeks before the first day of the debate.  Her baptism was on March 24th.  I’m thinking that maybe there is a slight chance that Johann Gottlob Kramer, Maria’s father, may have attended the debate, but Maria Rosina Kramer, her mother, was certainly not going to take her three week old baby out of the house to stand around a log cabin in the middle of a field for several hours on that Thursday in April.  However, it may just be possible that Maria was later told about how she was born around the time of the debate, and she may have attempted to make sure her brother-in-law, Teacher Beyer, included this event in his lessons at the school here.

One of the great things about studying this history is trying to speculate what people might have said or done back in those days when these events were taking place.

I’ll even go as far as to connect this post to another previous post.  Maria died in 1873, nine years after participating in the triple wedding.  She died in childbirth, but her death is not recorded in the Trinity church records because it occurred during what we refer to as the Koestering Hole.


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