St. John’s Lutheran School, Arnold

We had a wonderful morning with our new friends from St. John’s Lutheran School, Arnold.  What an impressive group of young people, faculty, parents, and pastor.  It always gives me hope about the future of our country when I meet these great groups of young people.  The students were “present,” engaged, and enjoyed a little “hands on” research in our Starzinger Family Research Library Room.  One of the young men found his ancestors, and his own name in one of our family books.  They even got to spend a little time on our digital genealogy station.

A special thanks to Gerard and Warren for a wonderful tour.  The students and staff always enjoy the mix of comedy, history, and enthusiasm in a Schmidt/Fiehler tour.  Everyone came back into the museum from their time in Trinity Church and at the Log Cabin with  big smiles on their faces.  Come back and see us St. John’s Lutheran!  What great ambassadors of your family and congregation you were!  Take Care, Carla L. Jordan

St Johns Arnold 1
Students and Leadership of St. John’s Lutheran, Arnold

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